Management Consulting with a Difference

Companies prosper or struggle, live or die by myriads decisions made by managers in their attempt to cope with the ever changing conditions of the marketplace. Because no two companies are alike, managing a business is a creative endeavour. There is no recipe for success, no set of rules with guaranteed outcome. But there are good business practices, sound methodologies, technologies that can help managers steer their company in the right direction.

It is my mission to help you make the best use of the modern management know how and tools that can help your company achieve its true potential. Working with you, I will strive to understand the needs of your organization in order to be able to provide you with effective personalized advice. This can result in customized projects combining consulting, counseling, coaching, and training based on original methodologies and tools. My deliverables include complex analyses/matrices, graphical representations, ready-to-use procedures, tailor-made manuals.

With a formal background in engineering and management and long years of practical experience in both the private and public sectors as an engineer, project leader, manager, entrepreneur, fund manager, and consultant, I can effectively cover areas and formulate and develop projects that can make a difference to your company’s bottom line:

Company organization and restructuring

  • Helping companies bring their internal systems in line with their mission and strategy, identify opportunities that can result in higher productivity and lower costs, drawing up plans to capitalize on those opportunities;
  • Typical deliverables: audit reports, strategy – process – structure matrices, functional definition of systems and departments, job descriptions, action plan, change management and communication plan and tools etc.;
  • References: Lafarge Romania (construction materials), BT Asigurări (insurance), Stryker Romania (medical supplies), Victoria Sibiu (food industry), various Romanian ministries and agencies.

Performance management

  • Helping businesses decide on expected performance levels, monitor and assess achievements over a certain period (one year, as a rule) and take steps to improve performance for the next period;
  • Typical deliverables: balanced scorecard system, core competence models, individual performance standards and procedures, training manuals and case studies etc.;
  • References: Lafarge Romania, Ceramica Iași and Somaco Prefabricate (construction materials), OTZ Logistics (logistics), Raiffeisen Bank, Garanti Bank, Banca Românească (banking).

Management of continuous improvement

  • Helping companies adapt their organisational systems (processes and structure) to the requirements of a continuously changing business environment through effective problem identification and solving, as well as opportunity evaluation;
  • Typical deliverables: functional definition of a continuous improvement system, standards and procedures, training manuals and case studies, etc.;
  • References: Lafarge Romania (construction materials), Tenaris Silcotub (non-welded pipes).

Management coaching

  • Helping increase managerial performance through the support provided by a consultant-coach with specific skills and a significant management experience. This service is useful to both experienced and young managers;
  • Typical deliverables: identification of developmental needs, development action plan, monitoring and assessment instruments/ reports, training manuals and case studies etc.;
  • References: Stryker Romania (medical supplies), Groupe Parisot Romania (wood processing).

Management development

  • Enabling organizations to sustain their expected performance level and face the challenges of an ever changing business environment;
  • Typical deliverables: training needs analyses, training strategies, training manuals and case studies, training assessment/ reports etc.;
  • References: Lafarge Romania (construction materials), Stryker Romania (medical supplies), Groupe Parisot Romania (wood processing), Michelin Romania (tires), Banca Românească (banking), various Romanian governmental ministries and agencies.


  • Research and development of IT products (1978-1990);
  • Management of private and public companies (1990-2009);
  • Management of large EU-financed projects:
    • Enterprise Restructuring and Private Sector Development (1994-1995) – €5M;
    • Local Development Initiatives Fund (1996-1997) – €8M;
  • Management consulting and advisory services for private companies, such as Lafarge, Michelin, Unilever, Interbrew, Raiffeisen Bank, Garanti Bank, Tenaris, Stryker, Groupe Parisot etc (1998-2011);
  • Consulting for central public institutions from Romania and Moldova (1994-2012).


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Education & Training

  • Politehnica University of Bucureşti, Electronics and Communication Department
    Engineer / 1971 - 1976
  • University of Bucharest
    Doctor in Sociology/ Management / 1994 - 1999
  • Japan Productivity Centre
    Certificate in Production Management / 1992
    Certificate in Managerial Education / 1993
  • Danish Technological Institute
    Certificate in Project Management / 1994 - 1995
  • Quasaro
    Certificate in Quality Management / 1998
  • Durham University Business School
    Certificate in Business Counseling / 1997 - 1998
  • Gopa Consultants
    Certificate in Marketing and Sales / 1998
  • Roland Gareis Consulting
    Certificate in Project Management / 2010
  • Roland Gareis Consulting
    Certificate in Project Management - Advanced Level / 2010
  • National Training Council
    Certified Trainer / 2010
  • Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education
    Certified Project Manager / 2010
  • Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education
    Certified Expert in EU-funded Projects / 2011

Working Languages

  • Romanian
  • English
  • French